How To Change Hotmail Password

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Their are various methods to change your Hotmail account password.Here is the step by step explanation the easiest way to change Hotmail password or reset your password.
1.Open you browser. Search for then enter your Hotmail email address and password and login.
2.Tap on your profile image that is upper-right corner of the Hotmail inbox.
3.Click on “Account settings”.
4.Then select “Security and password”.
5.Verify your account if required.
You account will be verified by 2 methods-
1)Hotmail will send a verification code to your recovery email address.
2)Hotmail will send a verification code to your recovery phone number.

6.Open your recovery email id and Click on the “Change password” link.Or enter your code which was send to recovery phone number to reset your password.

7.Enter your new password two times to confirm that,then click save.
Your password will reset successfully. The new password is your Hotmail account password.And always remember that password to login Hotmail account.

If you are finding any difficulty regarding Hotmail password change then contact our toll free Hotmail technical support number 1-888-269-0130.



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